Covenant of Grace

Yet I, a Sinner

The great hymn writer John Newton said as he was getting old in age, “I am a great sinner, but Christ is a great savior.” How do you view your sin? How do you deal with your sin? What is interesting is that while we should grieve and mourn our sin, it should also magnify…

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The Conversation Chronicles: Forgiveness

If you follow Matter of Theology on Facebook, then you are aware that Drew and Chris have been doing a video series called, “The Conversation Chronicles.” The idea centers around applying the Gospel to the conversation of race in our current cultural climate. This is part four in our series discussing the application of forgiveness….

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#19 Death and the Gospel #3

Please help support us on Patreon: The stop and Think about it Crew discusses how Spiritual death precedes Physical death. They tackle the finality of Death and what it means to be spiritually alive and its relation to the Gospel. 0:00 Opening 0:45 intro 1:30 Princess bride and Dead is dead 7:00 Physical death…

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