Bud Zone SS – SS2: You May Be A Calvinist, But That Doesn’t Make You Reformed

In this Bud Zone SubStack (SS) episode, Bud narrates the article “You May Be A Calvinist, But That Doesn’t Make You Reformed.” To find The Bud Zone on Substack, please go HERE and subscribe if you so choose.  While Substack does allow authors to charge a fee for subscriptions, The Bud Zone Substack content will…

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Bud Zone SS Edition – An Introduction

Today’s episode of The Bud Zone Podcast is a premiere of a special “SS Edition.”  The “SS” stands for Substack, a blogging platform on which Bud may be occasionally found digitally penning faith-focused articles intended for thoughtful provocation. Today’s episode is a Substack introduction and will not be replacing the normal format of the Bud…

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The Bud Zone Podcast – With Pastor Keith Foskey

This week on The Bud Zone Podcast, Keith Foskey, pastor of Sovereign Grace Family Church, Jacksonville, Florida, joins Bud to discuss a number of topics including the status of Calvinism in the church today. To find out more about Keith’s church, please go to the Sovereign Grace Family Church website HERE. To follow Keith’s podcast,…

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