covid restrictions

Ep. 25 Unlawful Vaccine Mandates and a Governor‘s Misuse of a Holy God in an Attempt to Manipulate and Divide

An unlawful, unconstitutional vaccine mandate being thrust upon people is bad enough. But when a government leader attempts to use the very God we Christians serve and worship as a weapon meant to intimidate, control, and bully, you can be sure that that…

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Is Romans 13 an Excuse for Covid 19 Cowardice?

The Way Radio Episode 0067 Is Romans 13 an Excuse for Covid 19 Cowardice? People in America and all over the world are having their God-given rights taken away in the name of Covid19. Children are being abused in the name of Covid19. What is the end-game of the Covid hoax? As Christian Americans, we…

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Episode 31: Interview With Arrested Canadian Pastor, Tim Stephens

Tim Stephens, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary Alberta, Canada was arrested twice simply for gathering with his flock to worship Christ against the Canadian restrictions related to COVID. In this interview, I will ask Tim what he and his family and flock went through. He will also tell us that his trials are…

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