Creation Mandate

The Bud Zone – With Dr. Joe Boot Of The Ezra Institute

Joining Bud this week is Dr. Joe Boot, Founder of The Ezra Institute, a confessional evangelical think-tank focused on equipping believers with a robust, reformational, and biblical worldview.  Dr. Boot discusses the mission of the Institute and describes its intent in training from and towards a “Reformational thinking” worldview. The conversation engages with some of…

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The Bud Zone Podcast – On Revivals With Tom Sullivan

Bud is again joined by Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan, to discuss a brief history of revivals and revivalism.  Tom has spent extensive time in the disciplined study of the history of revivals and brings a wealth of insight to this divine work of God that is so overlooked by much of the contemporary church….

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The Bud Zone Podcast – With Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin

On this episode, Bud is joined by Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin, Founder and President of the Center For Cultural Leadership, a Christian think tank seeking to transform Christians to transform culture.  CCL operates from the biblical conviction that salvation in Christ should transform all of life.  Dr. Sandlin is also a Fellow For Public Theology…

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