Critical Theory

The Truth About The Three Fifths Compromise

What was the reason and motive behind the Three Fifths Compromise?? Article Website:  Prescribed Truth Podcast | Episode 105 SUPPORT ON PATREON for just $1 or more per month Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community: Gospel Tracts from 5 Solas Ministry: Prescribed Truth Merchandise: To connect with Prescribed Truth: Send…

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The Roots and Fruits of Critical Race Theory

My wife Chelsea returns to Truthspresso to talk with me about Critical Race Theory (“CRT”). We look at recent news articles about CRT infiltrating schools and making parents upset. What is a “critical theory”? We see that it’s unquestionably Marxism and Freudianism combined. It looks for two classes in history: oppressors and oppressed. What is…

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Ep.44 Feminism: The Devil’s handmaiden

Ep.44 Feminism: The Devil’s handmaiden. In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the threat of feminism to Biblical Womanhood. God created men and women with different roles and when we embrace those roles, we find peace and joy.

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