Deliverance ministries

MSL: February 12, 2024

The Matt Slick Live (Broadcast of 02-12-2024)  is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM). Matt answers questions on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues! You can also email questions to Matt using: [email protected], Please put “Radio Show Question” in the Subject line! They will be answered…

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Episode 116: Deliverance From Deliverance Ministries: A Biblical Critique

Deliverance ministries have made a roaring comeback. Self-described “demon slayers” maintain that born-again Christians need to regularly have demons cast out of them. Deliverance ministries, led by figures such as Greg Locke, Alexander Pagani, Isaiah Saldivar, Kathryn Krick, Vlad Savchuck, etc., are entirely predicated on the premise that Christians can be inhabited by demons. In…

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MSL: February, 06 2023

The Matt Slick Live daily radio broadcast of The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry ( Open calls, questions, and discussion with host Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. MSL: February, 06 2023 Topics include: 1: Response to public prayer 2: Pentecostal church 07- 3: Deliverance ministries  24- $: Can a Christian be demon possessed 53- MSL:…

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