Anxiety, Depression and Self Care

Theology Gals | Episode 150 This week Ashley Glassick joins Coleen and Rachel to discuss anxiety, depression and self care.  Episode Resources: Anxiety: My Thorn in My Flesh Rachel Miller  New Depression Research: Appreciation, Critique, and Gospel Opportunities David Murray  Resources on Anxiety Rachel Miller (many of the resources mentioned are here)  A Heart Set…

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Set Free from Addiction Through the Gospel

The Way Radio Episode 16 Set Free from Addiction Through the Gospel Alex Wright shares his story of being set free from the clutches of sinful addiction through the divine power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Alex’s testimony is so important in this age of rampant secular humanism in the Christian Church – it’s…

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Morning and Evening Praise

The Way Radio Episode 0009 Morning and Evening Praise Is the gospel enough to save those trapped in the sin of addiction? If you are a Christian, but struggling with sin, depression, anxiety, what can you do to change your thinking and become more focused on Christ? How can you find true joy in Christ…

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