IF:Lead and its Promotion of the Enneagram

Thoroughly Equipped S.2 Ep.19 Starting the 4th part of TE’s critique of the IF: women’s ministry where we will look at a tool promoted at the 2019 IF:Lead Conference- the Enneagram. Beth McCord, Chief Executive Officer of YourEnneagramCoach.com gives a presentation to the ladies explaining the importance and purpose of using the Enneagram to “be…

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Ep. 58 Is it Too Late to Influence Your Children For the Faith?

Do you feel like you missed the boat when it came to teaching your children about God when they were young and now you struggle with guilt, feelings of failure, and condemnation because your older/ grown children aren’t walking in the faith?

Join host …

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Ep. 55. Having a Childlike Faith

In this fun episode, Rebecca discusses the characteristics and necessity of childlike faith in God’s kingdom. 

Also, get ready for a heartwarming glimpse into the hearts and minds of three very special guests! 


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Ep. 54. Don’t be a Corner Cutter

Are you in the habit of always trying to undertake something in the quickest , easiest, cheapest, or most convenient way for you?

If so, you may be what’s known as a corner cutter.

Join Rebecca as she shares a true and personal story about cutting c…

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Ep. 52 Grace in Tension. DiscoverPeace with Martha and Mary with Special Guest, Author Claire McGarry.

Think you’ve heard it all about the story of Martha and Mary? Think again!

Join Rebecca as she chats with Author, Claire McGarry about her latest book, Grace in Tension. Discover Peace with Martha and Mary.

As one of the most recognized stories of th…

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