Sexual Reformation with Aimee Byrd

This week Aimee Byrd joins us to discuss her new book, The Sexual Reformation: Restoring the Dignity and Personhood of Man and Woman.  Support Theology Gals monthly through Patreon  Support Theology Gals with a one time donation through PayPal  Theology Gals merch  Theology Gals Journals Episode Resourses: The Sexual Reformation: Restoring the Dignity and Personhood…

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Eo. 39 Having a Heart for Israel. How You Can be a Light in the Darkness for God’s Covenant People.

Do you have a heart for Israel and her people? Perhaps, like me, you’ve never actually been to Israel but nonetheless, your heart is there with them just the same.

Are you seeking and praying for a way, an opportunity, to help the body of Christ in Is…

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Let’s Talk About IF:Gathering- Purpose

Thoroughly Equipped Season 2 Ep. 3 Let’s talk about the IF:Gathering. What is the purpose of IF:Gathering? Is discipleship God’s means by which He changes the world? And does it need to be reclaimed? Topics discussed in this episode: What is discipleship? Is discipleship God’s means by which He changes the world? What tools are…

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Ep. 37 When the News Isn’t Good. The Challenge to be a Habakkuk

Many people are feeling immense anxiety and stress due to the ongoing crises which seem to be plaguing our world.
In today’s episode, you’ll be greatly encouraged and challenged by a man who lived in a chaotic and tumultuous time in the mid to late 7th …

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Ep. 35. When the Government Becomes Our God

People today are looking for answers. Tragically, they are looking in the wrong places. One of those places in the government.

Join host Rebecca Berschwinger along with co hosts, Will and Angela Williams of the Salty Saints podcast, as they discuss t…

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