The Church Has A Black Eye

With so much going on in the world today, the Church has a black eye. There is a watching world. A world that is watching the Churches moral failures, arguments, disunity and more. We have to guard our hearts and strive together for the sake of the glory of God, the exaltation of Christ, the…

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Division Because of Christ

The Way Radio Episode 0037 Division Because of Christ So a division occurred in the crowd because of Him. – John 7:43 Their ignorant assumptions may have been their doom. Jesus is not who we think He should be, the gospel is not according to our opinions and expectations. The truth of who Jesus is,…

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Thanksgiving is a Lesson for All of Us

Rapp Report Daily 454 We have much we can learn from that first Thanksgiving. This country is in desperate need to learn the lesson of Thanksgiving. We all the division we need to learn to thank God and work with others.

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