Doctrine Matters

Ep. 41 God’s Immutability

Ep. 41 God’s Immutability In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the unchangeable nature of God and how that affects the Christian walk.

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Fathers, Character, and Kirk Franklin

Over the weekend the son of Kirk Franklin released an audio recording of a phone call that included Kirk Franklin using profanity, taking the Lords name in vain, and saying he will break his sons neck. Kirk Franklin is a well known Gospel artist, but is this the type of behavior that should come from…

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I Hate Your Theology!!

Has anyone ever disagreed with you on what you believe from the Scriptures? Have they taken an angry approach with you? Called you a heretic? Told you that you were in a cult? Told you that you are not saved simply by believing what the Bible teaches? We all find ourselves in disagreements every now…

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Power and Providence

Our world seems to be in utter chaos. However, God is not a God of confusion and chaos, but a God of order. Although things seem chaotic we must understand that God in His providence and power is allowing all things to work out according to His perfect plan. How should Christians respond? On this…

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