Church, Part 3 of What We Believe, Part 38

Rapp Report episode 268 The church is thus a unique spiritual organism designed by Christ, made up of all born again believers in this present age (Ephesians 2:11-3:6). The church is distinct from Israel (1 Corinthians 10:32), a mystery not revealed until this age (Ephesians 3:1-6; 5:32).   Listen to the last episode in the series:…

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Church, Part 2 of What We Believe, Part 37

Rapp Report episode 264 Andrew Rapport and Pastor Steven Dew explore the church’s foundation in this episode. Discuss when the church started and what it is, why doctrine divides yet also unifies, and how a lengthy and detailed doctrinal statement can help you look for a good church. They discuss the formation of the church,…

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Ep.133 What does it mean that the Bible is Inspired?

Ep.133 What does it mean that the Bible is Inspired? In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the various theories of Inspiration and how they shape our view of Scripture. Misunderstanding inspiration can ultimately lead to a faith of one’s own making, contrary to Christianity. The battle for sufficiency cannot rightly be won before the…

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Ep. 70. The Abrahamic Family House; the Devil is in the Details, Literally

A brand new complex has opened up in the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.
Much of the world is excited that three major religions of the world seem to be coming together to work to bring unity and peace to humanity.

But …

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Ep. 69. I Am the Light of the World.

Jesus is the light of the world. And that makes those of us who follow Him lights also.

In this episode is a great sermon from special guest, Pastor Josh Ancello, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Niskayuna, NY.

Pastor Josh teaches on one of th…

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