Rock The Vote

On this episode of WAWEDH, we discuss something we are by no means experts in, voting and politics.  As Christians we believe we should view everything according to what God has said.  We talk about what we believe God says about this difficult subject and we have a lot of fun doing so. Our daughter…

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President Trump Gets Covid is an October Surprise?

Rapp Report episode 139 Andrew speaks about politics and culture providing a Christian point of view. He addresses 1) Justice Ginsberg’s death, 2) the CA law requiring corporations to have one LGTB and one black on every board, 3) the debate between Trump and Biden, and 4) President Trump having COVID.

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Do We Obey God or Men?

Apologetics Live episode 80 Join us Live as we discuss the Biblical role of Submission and Obedience, in light of today’s radical moves upon Christians liberty, freedoms, and worship.

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Debate: Do God’s decrees violate Man’s Free Will? Matt Slick vs. Skylar Fiction

Apologetics Live 54 Tonight’s Apologetics Live is a formal debate on the topic: Do God’s decrees violate Man’s Free Will? Debaters: Matt Slick of CARM.org (Christian) Skylar Fiction (Athiest) There will be the following structure: Opening (10 minutes each) Rebuttals (15 minutes each) Cross-Examination (20 minutes each) Closing (10 minutes each)   Enter the Christian…

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