Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism

Apologetics Live episode 116 Jim Osman and Drew Von Nieda discuss Premillennialism vs Postmillennialism with regard to the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was a good discussion of the ideas without attacking each other. Jim argues that premillennialism requires a bodily resurrection of Christ and believes that can be argued from Peter and Paul…

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“The Best is Yet to Come ” Interview with Sara Broyhill Anderson.

Have current events left you feeling fearful of the future? A pandemic, financial instability, hostility, hatred, division. We all long for things to get better.
But what I they don’t? What if the world’s troubles worsen?

The fact is, God’s Word prom…

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The Resurrection and Premillennialism

Apologetics Live episode 108 Special guest Jim Osman, author of God Doesn’t Whisper, joins Andrew Rappaport, Dr. Anthony Sivlestro, and Pastor Justin Pierce to discuss his Resurrection Sunday sermon and its proof of Premillennialism.

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The Coming Storm – The Revelation of Jesus Christ

The Way Radio Episode 0029 The Coming Storm – The Revelation of Jesus Christ Continuing “The Coming Storm” series. The book of Revelation gives us an overview of theology and symbolic images of history and the future as God’s plan for the salvation of mankind is played out. By studying Revelation we are strengthened, edified,…

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