Eternal Punishment

My God Would Never Send Anyone to Hell

Rapp Report Daily 449 My God Would Never Send Anyone to Hell Many times we hear the argument, my God would never send anyone to hell. Well, that’s actually true because the person who makes that sort of claim doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible. Therefore, their God who wouldn’t send anyone to…

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Discussing Hell

Rapp Report Daily 448 Discussing Hell How do you discuss hell with a Christian who does not believe there is such a place? Now, there are those that profess to know Christ and yet they end up agreeing with Jehovah’s witnesses and others that hell does not exist. Many believe this because they just do…

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Why Is Hell Eternal?

Rapp Report Daily 446 Why Is Hell Eternal? Why is hell eternal? Now, this is something that many people have a hard time understanding because we look at our own justice system and there is a punishment that is usually associated with the crime. So if you steal something, usually you do not have the…

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