The Proverbial Truth: Day 15

Wow, we made it to day 15. We will be learning a lot more from chapter 15 of proverbs. I hope you are continuing to read along with me and you are also learning a lot about wisdom. Chapter 15 is filled with more great wisdom. Please read God’s word every day and him. All…

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The Proverbial Truth: Day 11

I hope and pray you are truly reading through the book of proverbs with me. It is filled with wisdom, that we can learn from and use in our lives. Grab a hold of wisdom and learn from. We made it to day 11 and again we read another chapter filled with great teachings. Chapter…

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Ep. 64. A Look at Scientology and the Aftermath

A false religion, cult, that has ruined countless lives.

How should Christians respond?

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Evangelism with Dr. Ed Romine and Justin Peters

Apologetics Live episode 179 Dr. Ed Romine and Justin Peters join Andrew Rappaport to discuss evangelism. Ed did his doctoral work on Spurgeon and evangelism. Support Ed Romine

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Ep. 63. Thinking More Deeply About Mary, Joseph, and All Things Christmas.

Just how much thought have you given Joseph and Mary and the challenges they faced, all because they said yes to God.

In this special Christmas episode, discover for yourself the challenges and joys for those of us who, like Mary, have found favor…

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