Is hell really eternal? What about the innocent native who never hears the gospel, will he go to hell? While explaining the gospel in Oceanside, Eddie had some serious conversations about hell.  As you would expect, they got pretty intense. Eddie Roman: https://www.eddieroman.com Search N Rescue, the book: a guide to evangelism

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Slavery and Suffering

Skeptics sometimes use the issue of slavery in the Bible to mock the character of God. How can Christians answer the critics claims in regards to slavery? Andrew Rappaport joins Eddie in this episode of Romans Road. Also covered: human trafficking and the right perspective on suffering. Andrew Rappaport: Striving For Eternity Romans Road MERCH! For evangelism…

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Utilize Christmas for More than Just Getting Gifts

Rapp Report Daily 475 Do not waste the opportunity that Christmas provides to share the true message of Christmas with those that need to hear it. Enter the Christian Podcast Community contest

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