every christian in ministry

Grace and Peace Radio Ep088 Moving from Bitter to Better

Whether suffering in the midst of a bitter season in life, to “weeping bitterly,” to the sinful poison of bitterness, the Lord can help and heal. Big News! Grace and Peace Radio can now be heard and found on SermonAudio.com and in the SermonAudio app! Search for “Grace and Peace Radio” or go to https://www.sermonaudio.com/graceandpeaceradio….

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Grace and Peace Radio Ep087 Every Christian is in Ministry

In this episode Anthony & Amy talk about the fact that every believer has been drafted into service for the Lord. Every one of us is in ministry! What, then, does this mean practically for each of us? We’ll discuss it and reference passages like: Mk 9:41; Col 3:16; Jn 4:34-35, Galatians 4:13, 5:1, 5:13,…

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