REWIND: How Not To Let Social Media Depress You

This is a replay of an episode that I recorded in February 2020 in a hotel room in Texas. My wife was attending a conference for pro-life health care providers. This was released on March 9, 2020 as episode 36 of Truthspresso. Social media allows us to keep in touch with long lost childhood friends…

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Ep.33 Social Media & the Christian Witness

Ep.33 Social Media and the Christian Witness In this episode, Ekkie Tepsupornchai and Nathaniel Jolly discuss the recent censorship in Social Media and the Christian response. They also consider what it means to use Social Media for the Glory of God.

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S1E7 – Tattle Tales, Twitter, and Tyranny

Today I look at the recent situation regarding Twitter, Facebook, and possible congressional subpoenas. What is the difference between being a publisher and a platform? How does God’s law regarding slander apply to this? Is the solution for the government to take control of platforms like Facebook and Twitter? I cover these questions and more…

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