False Gospel

Twisted Christianity

Can a Christian believe in the Divine Consciousness? Are religious beliefs determined by the country and culture you are born into? Can women be pastors? What does repentance without faith look like? These are just some of the questions raised in this lively (heated?) debate between Eddie and the very noble Noble.

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Dangerous Doctrines – Is Tony Miano in a Cult? – Part 2

Apologetics Live episode 94 This is a heartbreaking show of the damage done to six families by the dangerous doctrines of Grace Fellowship Church. This will continue the discussion of Grace Fellowship Church with Pastor Mike Reid. Tony Miano is a member of this church and his website states that all donations to his ministry…

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Holy Spirit Heresy. (260)

Or, Holy heresy Batman! Are there two Holy Spirits? consider supporting the podcast through our Patreon page. feel free to drop us an email, use the comments on the show note page, or call our voicemail at (401)7543-4844. To read the full show notes click here.

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