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Refuting the Book. Soul Boom. Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution. By Rainn Wilson. Part 2

We’ve all heard about the miracles of Jesus. But did they really happen? Or are they instead spiritual in meaning only? Episode #89

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00:02:20 Why a spiritual revolution is necessary.
00:05:21 Miracles not significant; proofs only for pr…

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MSL: November, 29 2022

The daily radio broadcast of CARM.org. Open calls, questions, and discussion with host Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: What is the separation of church and state? When the Bible says that Christ comes for a church without wrinkle or spot, is that works-based salvation? How can you determine if a prophet is…

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Episode 68: My Open Challenge To the Charismatic Prophets: Here’s Your Big Chance To Prove Me Wrong!

I and many others have been giving the charismatic prophets a really hard time regarding their repeated prophetic face-plants over the last two years. But, I am going to give them a chance to redeem themselves and to prove me and all of my fellow critics wrong. Here is my open challenge to them. ==>…

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Episode 60: My Direct Personal Plea to Sid Roth

Sid Roth for years has aired some of the looniest stuff ever to disgrace the name of Christ on his television show, “It’s Supernatural.” He has paraded hundreds of false prophets and charlatans to millions of people. This is an earnest and direct plea from me to him imploring him to repent. Link to Sid…

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Episode 45: Jesse Duplantis Says He Went To Heaven. He Didn’t (And Here’s Proof)

Jesse Duplantis put himself on the map with a sermon he preached back in the late 1990s entitled Close Encounters of the God Kind. In this story, he claims he went to Heaven on a cable car. In this podcast, I will play just a few clips that definitively prove he is lying. ==> Subscribe…

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