FBC Orlando

Episode 83: The SBC: Revoice, Posture Shift, He Gets Us Campaign and Homosexuals Baptizing at FBC Orlando

In this podcast, I interview pastors Tom Buck and Casey Butner about the doctrinal drift in the SBC. We will discuss the Revoice Conference, Posture Shift curriculum and the He Gets Us campaign with which NAMB has partnered. We will also discuss how First Baptist Orlando is not only baptizing homosexuals but has allowed a…

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Episode 78: FBC Orlando Baptizing Homosexuals: The Proof It Is Happening And Why This Is Not Loving

I’ve done several podcasts with Casey Butner on FBC Orlando and their shocking capitulation to homosexuality. In this podcast (originally a video on my YouTube channel) we show photographic proof that this SBC church is indeed baptizing homosexuals. We also discuss the fact that the North American Mission Board is partnering with FBC Orlando to…

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Episode 57: FBC Orlando’s Shocking Capitulation

First Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida, is one of the largest churches in the SBC. They have completely capitulated to the culture on homosexuality. In this video, you will see that their pastor says that a healthy church must include “LGBTQ, Transgendered people, sexually immoral people, and heretics. This is not hyperbole. Where is the outrage?…

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