Third Jab’s a Charm – Maybe

Welcome to Truthspresso Express! This is where I record an episode on my commute to or from work. I recorded this episode on Monday, September 20th. I “celebrate” the official first release day of “booster shots” by recalling two articles I read the night before. The first article was about how recent studies are showing…

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Boosters, Pineapples, and Heartbeats

My wife Chelsea and I cover a hodgepodge of three recent news events: Boosters: Two officials leave the FDA because of undue pressure from the Biden administration to rubber stamp “booster” shots of the Pfizer vaccine for children under 12 by September 20. Pineapples: Despite the President’s tragic withdrawal strategy from Afghanistan, a volunteer military…

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Death by Mail: Answering the Current Politics Behind the Abortion Pill

My wife Chelsea joins me again as I have officially upgraded her title to “co-host.” We take a break from our series on marriage to talk about recent politics behind the abortion pill and the push to make it widely accessible by mail. We answer the following questions about the abortion pill: What is the…

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