Ep.44 Feminism: The Devil’s handmaiden

Ep.44 Feminism: The Devil’s handmaiden. In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the threat of feminism to Biblical Womanhood. God created men and women with different roles and when we embrace those roles, we find peace and joy.

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Ep. 30 A reading of BB Warfield’s “Women Speaking in the Church”

Ep. 30 A reading of BB Warfield’s “Women Speaking in the Church.” A little different than our normal content, in this episode, Nathaniel reads the short work by BB Warfield, creating a free audio version for anyone to enjoy its content.

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Marriage, Feminism and Abortion with Gloria Allred

Rapp Report 105 Ben Shapiro interviews Gloria Allred on his Sunday show and provides an insightful bit of information on a variety of topics. Andrew is joined by Virgil Walker of the Just Thinking podcast to discuss these topics.   Resources referred in the podcast: Texas man who killed church shooter says he was “doing…

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