MSL: March, 07 2023

The Matt Slick Live daily radio broadcast of The Christian Apologetics Research Ministry ( Open calls, questions, and discussion with host Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. MSL: March, 07 2023 Topics include: Evangelizing to friends, witnessing 03- 1 Samuel 17:40, What do the 5 stones represent? 25- Israel Trip -31 Caller seeking confirmation of…

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The Importance of Friendship

This week we talk about the importance of friendship.  Support Theology Gals monthly through Patreon  Support Theology Gals with a one time donation through PayPal  Theology Gals merch  Theology Gals Journals Women can join Theology Gals Facebook Group Theology Gals-Ladies Theology Discussion and Encouragement Follow Theology Gals: On Facebook On Twitter @TheologyGals On Instagram theologygals…

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Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 10 – Friendship (Interview with David Smith)

On this week’s episode we interview David Smith about his most recent book Who’s Got Your Back? where David addresses the topic of making and keeping friendships among men. David shares what he learned about friendship from his own experiences as well as from Scripture. How important are biblical friendships among men? What do those…

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