Life and Theology with Pleas Evans

On this episode I spoke with another of my twitter brothers and brother in Christ, Pleas Evans. We discuss his coming to faith, move to reformed theology, and other great stuff. Also learned the most important thing, how to say his name. He is a very encoring brother worth following on twitter.

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Ep. 49 Whose Rainbow is it Anyway? Taking Back the Rainbow. LGBT Pride Month

June is gay pride month and the rainbow is everywhere you look. For the Christian, it can be very disheartening to see God’s holy sign of His covenant with the earth and all who dwell on it being so misused and basically blasphemed.

But take heart! Th…

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Catching up with The New Geneva Crew

As I edited this episode I was cracking up. We had a lot of fun recording and also talked about some great theological topics. My guests are The Real Tony, Angela Pangela, and Charles Vaughn. They write for the New Geneva Blog. Also, Tony and Angela hosted the New Geneva Podcast and it was a…

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Premium Bibles and Life with Coby Munsey

On this episode I talk to a good brother in Christ, Coby Munsey. Coby has a youtube channel Rural Bible Reviews, where he reviews premium bibles as well as other Christian books.  We talk about his channel, bibles, and his love for the Lord and His Church. It was a blessing to speak with him,…

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Ep. 46. Hope for the Weary Mom

Are you a battle-weary mom? Is Motherhood threatening to snuff out your flame? If so, you are not alone, Mom! In this episode reboot, we’ll take a look at the trials and difficulties of being a mother that can leave us feeling stretched beyond our capac…

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