The Proverbial Truth: Day 3

This is awesome we have made to day 3 of reading through the book of proverbs. I hope and pray you embrace wisdom and follow Christ. Let’s dive into chapter 3 which is about wisdom will give us well-being. There is a lot we can learn from reading this chapter on what wisdom will give…

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Well Worth The Look (Sermon John 1:29)

I had the honor to exhort John 1:29 at Grace OPC in Pennsville, NJ. I pray this blesses you.

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Don’t Leave Our Savior In A Feeding Trough!

With this week’s episode, I was at a lost on what to talk about. I did a search through my Bible and prayed. While praying I started thinking about Christmas and boom the idea for this week’s podcast started forming. So we are going about Jesus and Christmas. He was sent to earth to die…

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Ep. 63. Thinking More Deeply About Mary, Joseph, and All Things Christmas.

Just how much thought have you given Joseph and Mary and the challenges they faced, all because they said yes to God.

In this special Christmas episode, discover for yourself the challenges and joys for those of us who, like Mary, have found favor…

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Where Are The Watchmen?

What’s up Christian Rebel Nation and welcome to another episode of the Christian Rebel. Thank you for listening, I hope and pray the content in this episode helps you get a closer walk with Christ. In today’s episode we are going to be talking about being a watchman for Jesus. What is a watchman you…

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