God’s Law

S3E13 – Putting the Death Penalty to Death

Although I intended to go back to our series on tyranny, today I deviated yet again by looking at a speech given by Governor Shapiro of Pennsylvania on February 16, 2023. Speaking from a church in Philadelphia, Governor Shapiro discusses the topic of the death penalty. By advocating for a complete abolishment of the death…

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Season 3 Trailer

this is the trailer for season 3 of the Christian Rebel. The coming year is going to be exciting. I hope you will join me on this journey where we will be learning even more from the bible. ‌ I hope to have more guests on that will share their testimony. This will be titled…

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S3E12 – School Boards and Spiritual Warfare, Part 2

Taking a break from the series on tyranny, today I share about my recent experience speaking at a Central Bucks School Board meeting. It took place on January 10th and was, as expected, fairly well-attended. The topic of the evening was Policy 321, the policy regarding classroom neutrality (no flags on the walls except the…

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Ep. 68. The Normalization of Sexual Immorality. Part 3

This episode concludes the 3-part series on the normalization of sexual immorality; how we got to our current state of moral confusion and chaos and where we’re headed as a society, and resources to help parents influence and protect their children. …

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Ep. 67. ”The Normalization of Sexual Immorality. ” Part 2

How did we get here? The legalization of same sex marriage, rampant gender confusion, taking out children to drag shows?

Host, Rebecca Berschwinger, and guest co-host, Paige Cervantes, discuss the progression of sexual immorality and the dark…

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