Justin Peters Responds to Sam Storms

Apologetics Live episode 125 Justin Peters responds to Sam Storms’ defense of singing Bethel and Hillsong music in church. Storms claim that it is acceptable to use music from Bethel or Hillsong in church services. he wrote a blog article that using Bethel Music and Hillsong as church music is not wrong. Justin and the…

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Ep.65 Music and the Lord’s Day Worship

Ep.65 Music and the Lord’s Day Worship   Music is certainly a gift from God, but when it comes to which music we sing in worship, there can be some questions as to what is or is not suitable for worship. Do we play Hillsong, or Bethel, or Elevation? Or are there standards that should…

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New Apostolic Reformation with Justin Peters

What do Bethel Church (in Redding, California), Todd White and Joel Osteen have in common? All are part of the Word of Faith / New Apostolic Reformation movement and all teach false versions of Christianity. Justin Peters has been exposing the unbiblical nature of this heresy for many years. Some false teachers are trying to cash…

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