Holiness of God

Looking at Psalm 94

In this episode, we are looking at Psalm 94. This psalm keeps with the theme of “God is King.” It is also an imprecatory psalm, which calls for the destruction of the evildoers. We discuss what that means and we take a closer look at the holiness of God. This psalm can also be broken…

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Ep.39 God’s Holiness

Ep. 39 God’s holiness. In this episode Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the attribute of holiness. Much of the church today seems to treat Christ as though we were just like one of us-He isn’t. This podcast walks through the Scriptures that speak to the majesty and holiness of God.  

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Kofi Adu-Boahen: The Attributes of God

Kofi Adu-Boahen is an interim leader at Redeemer Bible Fellowship in Medford, Oregon. He returns to the podcast for this episode for a discussion on the Attributes of God. The topic is much bigger than can be discussed in one hour,

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