God’s Calling, Answer The Phone!

Why haven’t you been answering God’s calls. He keeps calling and you are letting it go to voicemail. He has a special job for you to do, he will supply everything you need. All you have to is pick up the phone and call him. Say, yes to his call. Click here to support this…

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Ep.59 Is Lying Always Sinful?

Ep.59 Is lying always sinful? In this episode Nathaniel and Ekkie talk about Lying and whether or not it is always sinful. Was it a sin to lie to the Nazi Soldiers? What about Rahab? Is lying justified based on the circumstances or is God’s word clear on the issue? Don’t miss this episode, it…

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It’s not about Politics

Truth be known Ep.15 In this Special episode Nathaniel discusses the moral issues of voting for the democrat party.  

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