The homeless population continues to grow. How should Christians respond? By taking a homeless person out to eat, of course! In this episode, Eddie explains the gospel to Chase in Huntington Beach. Eddie Roman’s evangelism resources: https://www.eddieroman.com Search N Rescue, the book: a guide to evangelism.

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Joseph and God

In part two of Eddie Roman’s conversation with Joseph, questions include: Is religion bad? Does the arguing among religions prove religion is bad? Is religion is the main cause of war? Can someone repent without belief in Christ? How can a Christian develop compassion for the lost? Learn how to evangelism with Search N Rescue:…

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Alcohol vs. Joseph

Should Christians look to Alcoholics Anonymous for help? AA supposedly began as a Christian organization, but what about the AA of today? In this episode of Romans Road, Eddie speaks with Joseph, a homeless man who spent 18 years as a drunk, followed by 10 years in AA. Struggling with alcohol? Find a biblical counselor…

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