human rights

S4E14 – Do Human Embryos Have Rights?

This week I tackle the controversial Alabama Supreme Court ruling on the topic of IVF and the rights of embryos. More specifically, I look at a brief history of the term ’embryo’ and ‘fetus’ and then consider Chief Justice Parker’s opinion in the case. What is a fetus and an embryo? Do embryos have rights?…

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S3E4 – A Tale of Two Letters

On this week’s episode I look at two documents that were recently released publicly. The first one is The Frankfurt Declaration, originally published in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this year. It is a public declaration of Christian pastors and leaders on the role of the civil government, the importance of honoring the conscience, and the need…

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Archived 2GAB Season 2, Episode 20 – Rights, Risk, and the ‘Rona

Today was the final episode for Season 2. With Dillon dedicating much of his time moving into his new house, we plan to start up again in a month or so. In the meantime, I went solo this episode, discussing a wide range of topics such as human rights/responsibilities, responding to the ‘Rona, and living…

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