IF: Gathering

IF:Equip’s Arise- Seeds of Social Justice (Pt.3 Jesus & Justice)

What does IF:Equip’s AriseĀ teach about Jesus and Social Justice? IF:Equip’s Arise, claims that Jesusā€™ ministry was mostly focused on the marginalized, oppressed, and poor in society. His purpose was to always set free, and heal and that these acts of mercy and compassion were Jesus fighting for justice. In this episode we will look at…

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IF:Equip’s Arise- Seeds of Social Justice (Pt 2. Restored to Restore)

Thoroughly Equipped Season 2 Episode 29 IF:Equip’s Arise, claims that the church is the light of the world whose mission is to bring restoration to it by “fighting against the darkness”. Today we will look at the other 2 foundations IF:Equip’s Arise presents for why Christian (specifically Christian women) are to fight for justiceā€¦that, as…

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