Evangelism or Syncretism?

16:18 Podcast – #2 Evangelism or Syncretism? At what point does cultural sensitivity and awareness become syncretistic? In this episode we discuss the importance of preaching the Gospel in every context.

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S2E1 – Democracy and Afghanistan

In opening up Season 2, I sit down with fellow military veteran and co-worker, Gordon Beecroft, to discuss the topic of democracy. We also consider related topics such as nation-building, national security, and the situation in Afghanistan. As always, if you have any civic/government related questions, feel free to email me at [email protected], and I…

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Islam’s View of the Eternal State | Rapp Report Daily 0100 | Striving for Eternity

When we examine Islam’s view of the eternal state we see it is a very man-centric view.  What we mean by that is that for the man heaven is everything men would want not necessarily for women.  The things that they would say is a sin here on earth they claim is what they wait…

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