Islam’s View of God | Rapp Report Daily 0097 | Striving for Eternity

Islam has an interesting view of the Christian view of God.¬† Christians believe in a triune God.¬† That means they believe in one God that is comprised of three persons.¬† However, Islam believes that the Christian view of God is three gods.¬† The Quran teaches that the Christian view of God is the father, the…

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Islam’s View of Scripture | Rapp Report Daily 0096 | Striving for Eternity

As we examine Islam’s view of the Scriptures we will see logical fallacies that it contains.¬† ¬†Islam believes that the Jewish and¬† Christian scriptures were written but then corrupted by men.¬† However, they believe that the Quran, the Muslim scriptures, could never have been corrupted.¬† As we examine this claim we see that the Scriptures…

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