Israel-Palestine Conflict

Standing Against Evil: Examining the Moral Imperative of Israel’s Defense Measures Against Increasing Calls for a Ceasefire. 

Episode 96. Many, including those within the Christian community, are becoming increasingly weary as the death toll in Gaza rises,  resulting in increasing calls for a ceasefire. In this episode,  Rebecca responds to one such call from within the Christian community and shares her thoughts on the subject of a ceasefire. Discussion Points Contrast between…

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Unraveling the Israel-Palestine Conflict with Dr. Michael Brown

Rapp Report episode 277 How much do you really know about the Israel-Palestine conflict? Unravel the complexities of this historical and ongoing situation as Dr. Michael Brown and I journey through its roots, exploring the unique challenges it presents. Raised in a conservative Jewish home, Dr. Brown’s perspective is shaped by his personal journey to…

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