The Vax Vex Vortex 2

As I drive to work on Thursday I briefly hit on five articles related to our favorite politicized virus. Recent studies show the Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness wanes faster and greater than before (down to 20% after four months). Pfizer admits that natural immunity is much better than two dozes of their vaccine. And… New studies…

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Covenant Theology with Emilio Ramos

Rapp Report episode 117 Emilio Ramos, pastor at Heritage Grace Community Church and founder of Red Grace Media, joins Andrew to discuss his view on Covenant Theology.  They discuss the different covenants and how that affects our interpretation. They have disagree on the view of Israel and the Church and the future of Israel in…

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The Ark of the Covenant Something for Thanksgiving

The ark of the covenant provide us with an example of the failures of Israel and the provision of God. We can be thankful for God’s provision for Israel and for us.

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