James Coates

Episode 12: Romans 13 and James Coates

Pastor James Coates was recently arrested for holding church despite a government mandate to limit church capacity to 15% due to COVID. Was he in violation of Romans 13 or was he in obedience to it? Recent articles on this subject I recommend: Dr. Owen Strachan:¬†Christian Preaching and ‚ÄúPublic Health‚ÄĚ: On Faithful Puritans & Our…

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Ep. 38 James Coates and Christian Persecution

Ep. 38 James Coates and Christian Persecution. In this episode Ekkie and Nathaniel discuss the most recent events surrounding the arrest of James Coates. As well as how persecution has come to the western church. To write an encouraging letter to Pastor James Coates, his new home is: James Coates Remand Center 18415-127th St NW…

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