Jesus Christ

Unlawful Vaccine Mandates and a Governor’s Misuse of a Holy God in an Attempt to Manipulate and Divide

An unlawful, unconstitutional vaccine mandate being thrust upon people is bad enough. But when a government leader attempts to use the very God we Christians serve and worship as a weapon meant to intimidate, control, and bully, you can be sure that that…

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Unapologetically Apologetic: Why Christians are Called to be Apologists. Ep. 24

Have you heard the word “apologetics” used in Christian circles yet aren’t sure exactly what apologetics are?
Perhaps you’re familiar with the term but feel that apologetics isn’t for everyone.

In part 2 of this engaging 2 part series, Rebecca Berschw…

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Freedom from Anxiety in a Time of Fear

The Way Radio Episode 0072 Freedom from Anxiety in a Time of Fear How can someone not be anxious amidst so much insanity and chaos in a world that is spinning out of control? Evil, hatred, lies, and division have increased drastically over the last year and a half. Anxiety and fear are reflected in…

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Like Showers that Water the Earth

The Way Radio Episode 0070 Like Showers that Water the Earth In the last eighteen months, how much time of worship and communion with the Lord has been stolen by fear, anger, and anxiety, as Satan has so masterfully saturated the world with an evil false narrative that is thrown in our faces from morning…

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A Godly Lifeline for the Thin Blue Line; Discipling and Equipping God‘s Agents of Peace and Justice

If you are in law enforcement or know someone who is, please don’t miss this episode!
Those who stand on the thin blue line ; between good and evil, peace and chaos, are in desperate need of our support.

As lawlessness increases, our line of defense…

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