Joel Osteen

MSL: December, 02 2022

The daily radio broadcast of Open calls, questions, and discussion with host Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include: Matt reads hate mail. Do Catholics have an answer as to why the magi worshiped Jesus instead of Mary? Matt announces the matching funds drive going on through the end of the year. Matt…

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Episode 87: Is Joel Osteen Merely Not Recommended, Or Is He A False Teacher?

Recently a Christian YouTuber said that while he does not recommend Joel Osteen because of his “prosperity theology” and “weak preaching,” he does not consider Osteen to be a false teacher because he has an orthodox statement of faith. Though I understand this brother’s sentiment behind his statement (not wanting to call everyone with whom…

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Ep.96 The book of Jude is for today Pt.1

Ep.96 The book of Jude is for today Pt.1   In this episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel begin a two-part journey through the book of Jude and discuss its relevance for today.

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