John Calvin

Truth For You – Ungodly Civil Magistrates #2

Welcome to Truth For You, the podcast featuring the preaching and teaching ministry of Dr. Andrew Smith, pastor of Christ Reformed Community Church in St. Augustine, FL.  Truth For You features conversation and preaching from a distinctly Reformed theological perspective and seeks to glorify God, exalt Christ, and edify saints. Today’s episode, the second of…

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The Bud Zone Podcast – Imago Dei

This brief episode of The Bud Zone Podcast takes a look at the doctrine of imago Dei.   It is drawn from an article which was previously published on Striving For Eternity. For the article from which Bud drew the content for this episode, please go HERE.   For more episodes from The Bud Zone…

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S1E9 – Defending Theonomy, Part 2 (Response to White Horse Inn)

Today is the second part of my defense of theonomy. Last episode, I responded to a 9Marks podcast episode hosted by Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever. Today, I look at a recent episode from the White Horse Inn podcast, hosted by Dr. Michael Horton. While the episode originally aired back in 2008, it was re-released…

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