Jonathan Edwards

Revival: The First Great Awakening (part 2)

Chelsea and I continue our series about the Christian revivals in American history. Solomon Stoddard, a fiery preacher saw several revivals in his 60 years pastoring the church at Northampton, Massachusetts, but he embraced and expanded the Half-Way Covenant. Stoddard allowed open membership and open communion. The Northampton church grew to over 600 members, but…

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Ep. 109 Progressive Sanctification w/Dustin Benge

Ep. 109 Progressive Sanctification w/Dustin Benge In this episode Dustin Benge joins Ekkie and Nathaniel to discuss the necessity of pursuing personal holiness. Many professing Christians have a wrong biblical view that leads them to either antinomianism or legalism but God’s desire for us is that we pursue a lifestyle of holiness because He is…

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