Josh Buice

Episode 96: Let’s Talk About Asbury

The Asbury Revival has been the talk of the Christian world for the last few weeks. Is this a true revival? What is a revival in the first place? How should we as Christians respond to this? Rejoicing? Skepticism? Both? In this video, I interview Josh Buice Scott Aniol, and Matt Sikes as we talk…

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James White: The Forgotten Interview

You know how some guys study martial for decades and eventually become ninjas? James White did the same thing but with theology. Pastor / Author / Professor and Apologetics Debater, James White is the director of Alpha and Omega Ministries. In this episode of Romans Road, James talks about the Catholic church’s claim of being…

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Episode 50: Interview with Dr. Josh Buice on Leaving the SBC

A few days ago Dr. Josh Buice made big news when he announced that he and his fellow elders made the decision to lead their church, Prays Mill Baptist, out of the SBC. They cited the liberal drift in the convention as their primary reason. In today’s podcast, I interview Josh about their decision and…

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