Ep.52 Wrestling for Truth

Ep.52 Wrestling for Truth In this special 52th episode, Ekkie and Nathaniel do a lightning episode covering about ten different hot topic issues. You don’t want to miss this episode!

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Ep.7 Taking Back the Rainbow; Seeing Through the World‘s Intention to God‘s Goodness

June is gay pride month and the rainbow is everywhere you look. For the Christian, it can be very disheartening to see God’s holy sign of His covenant with the earth and all who dwell on it being so misused and basically blasphemed.

But take heart! Th…

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The Equality Act: A Christian Overview

Rapp Report Daily episode 162 Andrew and Bud provide a Christian perspective of the Equality Act. This bill is Romans 1 coming to America. This bill will protect sexual perversion. This episode will cover the impacts of this bill on first amendment freedoms, economic, medical, educational, governmental, women, children, and Christian. Resources mentioned: The Equality…

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Ep.25 Christians, Politics, and Biblical Thinking with Tom Buck

Ep. 25 In this episode Nathaniel interviews Dr. Tom Buck on how Christians and Chrisitan leaders should be thinking about life issues, ethics, and morals, especially concerning what groups and political parties they support.

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