Answering Your Questions on Masks in Church and Other Topics

Rapp Report episode 149 Andrew and Bud are joined by Pastor Andrew Smith of Christ Reformed Community Church to help answer questions from the audience. They answer the following questions: My church believes that the governor’s mask mandate is a law and requires masks in church. They said they will excommunicate us if we do…

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Joe Biden a Christian?

Rapp Report episode 143 Andrew and Bud review an article from Joe Biden in the Christian Post. Biden argues for his “Christian” faith. They will look at Biden’s agenda and compare it to Scripture. Then they will review an article that reviews Biden’s followers’ view on how to deal with conservatives once Biden wins. Get…

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LGTB must submit to Christ not Christ to them | Rapp Report Daily 0015 | Striving for Eternity

The main issue is that the LGTB wants Christ to submit to them instead of them submitting to Christ.

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