Is Romans 13 an Excuse for Covid 19 Cowardice?

The Way Radio Episode 0067 Is Romans 13 an Excuse for Covid 19 Cowardice? People in America and all over the world are having their God-given rights taken away in the name of Covid19. Children are being abused in the name of Covid19. What is the end-game of the Covid hoax? As Christian Americans, we…

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S1E32 – Slaying Leviathan

Part 1: Law of the Day (Deuteronomy 12:1-9) Part 2 (14:00) – I interview Dr. Glenn Sunshine about his new book, Slaying Leviathan. We discuss what Leviathan is and how Christianity has, throughout history, worked to reduce the size, strength, and power of that monster. We touch on topics such as lesser magistrates, liberty versus…

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VOR Rewind – The Christian Fellowship of Suffering

In light of recent events in our world, let’s look back at when Rich and Chris discussed how Christians ought to minister to those who are enduring suffering and tribulation.

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