Let’s Talk: How Communication is Key to a Healthy Marriage

My wife Chelsea joins me to continue our series talking about marriage. What is the primary cause of divorce? Most problems stem from bad communication. We share our experience and advice for a healthy marriage with these four guidelines for communication: Agree to be honest with your words (Jas 5:12). Make time to talk about…

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Joseph and God

In part two of Eddie Roman’s conversation with Joseph, questions include: Is religion bad? Does the arguing among religions prove religion is bad? Is religion is the main cause of war? Can someone repent without belief in Christ? How can a Christian develop compassion for the lost? Learn how to evangelism with Search N Rescue:…

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Alcohol vs. Joseph

Should Christians look to Alcoholics Anonymous for help? AA supposedly began as a Christian organization, but what about the AA of today? In this episode of Romans Road, Eddie speaks with Joseph, a homeless man who spent 18 years as a drunk, followed by 10 years in AA. Struggling with alcohol? Find a biblical counselor…

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