The Ad Hominem | Rapp Report 2-Minute Daily 0018 | Andrew Rappaport | SFE | Striving for Eternity

This is a 2-minute podcast. The ad hominem argument is one of the more frustrating logical fallacies to deal with because it is personal in nature. However, recognizing what an ad hominem argument provides a victory in an argument. When one must resort to an ad hominem argument it means that they cannot defend the…

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Critical Thinking | Rapp Report Daily 0016 | Andrew Rappaport | SFE | Striving for Eternity

Critical thinking is a skill that many lack but is very important. The first key to critical thinking is learning to ask questions and recognize logical fallacies. Most people do not recognize when someone does not cannot support their own arguement. ================================================================ This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources http://strivingforeternity.org/…

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