Lord’s Supper

The Bud Zone with Pastor Jimmy Gill of the CREC

Jimmy Gill, Pastor of Christ Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Live Oak, FL joins Bud for an encouraging conversation about many topics.  The discussion includes the Lord’s providence in his theological path, how becoming a father greatly furthered his pursuit of understanding his duties before God.  As pastor of a CREC Church (Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches),…

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The Bud Zone with Dr. Uri Brito

On this episode of The Bud Zone, Dr. Uri Brito, Pastor of Providence Church, Pensacola, FL joins Bud to joyfully discuss a range of topics including worship, liturgy, the Lord’s Supper, creeds, confessions, the CREC denomination, and more! Dr. Brito’s church may be found at ProvidencePensacola.org. His written work may be found at UriBrito.com, Kuyperian…

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The Lord’s Supper

Theology Throw Down episode 20 The discussion was on the Lord’s Supper or the communion. There are many questions that were discussed. Some call it the Lord’s Supper and others the communion. Is there really a difference? That leads to the question, what is the Lord’s Supper? What is the meaning of it? There are…

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