Tips for Singles Looking for a Spouse (part 1)

My wife Chelsea joins me to continue our series talking about marriage. Are you single and looking for a life-long companion to call your spouse? We offer some tips to encourage you to look in a God-honoring way with patience. Start with your own relationship with God. (Mat 6:33) Don’t look for “the one.” (Joh…

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Should a Christian Attend a Same Sex Wedding?

Christians in today’s ungodly world are faced with increasingly difficult challenges and tests of their faith.

As increasing numbers of family and friends succumb to the LQBTQ ideologies, believers are being put in the hot seat. The question is, are yo…

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Thinking Biblically About Marriage

My wife Chelsea joins again to continue our series on marriage. We look at a dictionary definition of marriage according to a current Google search. We compare this with the definition from the 1828 Webster’s dictionary. We observe that the definition has become quite vague recently. It has changed from the specific and Biblical definition…

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How God Wrote Our Love Story

Better than a Hallmark movie! Well, in our opinion, anyway. Join us for a walk down memory lane as we share our love story. Chuckle together with us through our journey of how we met, became friends, dated, got engaged, and ultimately married. The cuteness factor just may be off the charts! As we celebrate…

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The Great Sex Rescue with Sheila Gregoire

This week we talk with Sheila Gregoire about her book, The Great Sex Rescue: The Lies You’ve Been Taught and How to Recover What God Intended. Content Warning: This episode deals with sensitive content not appropriate for younger listeners. Support Theology Gals monthly through Patreon  Support Theology Gals witt a one time donation through PayPal…

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